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holy shit

holy shit

someone get me this playset

someone get me this playset

Now I get it why your manga is called MOMga ahahah


Yes! mam draws manga. 

Everyone please follow momga.

I just finished blah lagoon a couple days ago and I was sad sawyer was gone until I saw your post and haha omg that's so adorable that they all moved in together

Let’s just have a show about them, to be honest.

ncarinae replied to your post:New Leaf
wut. petitions? are there citizens initiatives in ACNL?
Yeah!  There aren’t lasting changes or anything, but villagers will occasionally ask you to get a petition signed by someone else’s villagers for something they feel strongly about.  For example, Tammy just asked me to get a petition signed for CELEBRATE-CHOCOLATE MONTH.


New Leaf

Can I get a petition signed in someone’s New Leaf town?

For the ask meme, how about... anime? Or Animal Crossing New Leaf?

I have a lot less patience for gross fanservice in anime now that I’m older.  I’ve seen plenty of fantastic shows (*COUGH* *COUGH* CHIHAYAFURU) that don’t need to rely on fanservice at ALL, so there’s really no excuse.  It’s just kinda gross.  Nowadays, I’m a lot more drawn to realistic slice of life shows.

For New Leaf, I don’t have a lot of complaints except I think diving is TERRIBLE, I don’t know why you have to move so agonizingly slowly, and it’s just the most tedious thing in the world.




Never thought I’d live to see Japanese dubbed Ed, Edd n’ Eddy

The best anime

oh my GOD Jimmys voice

That’s Naoki Yanagi (Mythos from Princess Tutu) as Edd.  Good.


I feel bad when actors get typecast, but what I REALLY hate is when people think that’s somehow the actor’s fault, like Steve Blum has terrific range if you hear him in other stuff, but people always go, “meh nyeh bleh steve blum can only do one gritty voice,” fuck you man, he has range, he just gets paid to do a specific voice a lot.  I’d do it too if I was gettin’ paid.