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Apr 16

Anonymous asked: I miss Breaking Bad.

It was a lot of fun, but it had a good run.  Currently, my intense show void’s been filled by Game of Thrones.

Anonymous asked: You have really good taste on shows.

Thanks!  I know.

Anonymous asked: Do you like marshmallows?

They’re good when roasted or in other things like S’mores.  Otherwise, plain marshmallows are just okay.

Anonymous asked: TO W.W., MY STAR, MY PERFECT SILENCE.

Woodrow Wilson?  Willy Wonka?

Anonymous asked: I am the danger.

I bet you are.

Anonymous asked: nice heisenberg you got there, buddy

Thanks, he’s fittin’ right in.

Apr 15



If you start a sentence with “I’m not [thing], buuuut…” there is approximately a nine hundred billion percent chance you are that thing.

oh hey, Heisenberg

oh hey, Heisenberg