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Rep. Tammy Duckworth DESTROYS an IRS contractor who has fraudulently claimed Veteran’s Disability

A few things to know before watching this video (which everyone should, because it is the biggest most satisfying smackdown I’ve ever seen)

Rep. Tammy Duckworth served as a helicopter pilot in the Iraq War and lost BOTH OF HER LEGS and severely damaged her right arm.  She is the DEFINITION of a war hero and someone who absolutely deserves the benefits of Veteran’s Disability for all the sacrifices she has made for this country.

The man in this video, Braulio Castillo, not only did not receive any injury in any actual combat at all, the injury that he’s claiming Veteran’s Disability for was a sprained ankle playing football in military PREP SCHOOL.

As Rep. Duckworth mentions in the video, her arm injury (where she essentially had it blown off and reattached and can’t feel it at all) counts as a twenty percent rating for veteran’s disability.

Castillo’s sprained ankle was counted as a THIRTY PERCENT RATING.

So Castillo, the scum of the earth, gets ripped a new asshole by the most possible worst U.S. representative for him to meet.

Best thing I’ve seen all day.

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    I also love the end where she apologizes to the chairman for taking the time and he says it was well spent. I hope more...
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    He just got verbally spanked.
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