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My take on the One Piece english opening narration

assuming the guy came in, was given no script, and they went fuck it, ready, set, GO

Available here too????:

This is the ORIGINAL opening that 4Kids was gonna use before the infamous YO GOTTA GO GOTTA GOOOOOOOO rap opening they ended up using.  It’s an English version of the original song.  The reason why the sound quality’s low is because it was never aired on television; this was from some promotional event.

Some of the lyrics are really wonky (WORK ‘EM TO THE BOOOONE), but I prefer slightly off lyrics that sound good instead of the trend nowadays where everyone demands they take the original Japanese lyrics and try desperately to phrase them into English with the demand that it be “faithful”.  It sounds fucking stupid and unnatural; I think lyric-writers should be given some creative license to make the lyrics sound not awkward as fuck while still retaining the spirit of the original song.

Anyways, I like this version of the song a lot.  It’s sung well, and more importantly, it’s not YO GOTTA GO GOTTA GOOOOO

But of course, 4Kids knows what kids like, and kids like bad rap, right?  That’s hippity hoppity!  DREAMIN’ DON’T GIVE IT UP LUFFY

I also think this version is better than Funimation’s Vic Mignogna Banana Extravaganza.  Sorry, but whenever Vic Mignogna sings, he sounds like the king of douches.  He’ll be king of the douches, he’s gonna be king.  GOTTA GO GOTTA GO