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Apparently CollegeHumor did their own take on a Bioshock Under the Sea parody so I decided to dredge back up my own version I did three years ago.  I’m still very proud of it, actually.

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Bioshock -  A Time to Destroy (potential spoilers)

One-take monologues: Voice acting exercises where I do a monologue I love in only one take, the voice acting equivalent of a sketch/scribble.  No editing, no polishing, no re-doing, better get it right the first time, buddy.

Anything Andrew Ryan says is magnificent.  But this is one of the speeches that always stuck with me.

WARNING: It can get pretty loud near the end, cause of good old fashioned shouting.

You can download it here:


I realize this is the equivalent of saying “I ate TWO slices of pizza!” but hey, it’s…it’s a big deal t….to me.  Even if half of these people are probably bots.

Thank you very much for following!  Some of you may not know, because I haven’t posted a new thing in forever, but I actually do voice acting things every now and then.  Here’s some stuff I’ve already done:

Lackadaisy Valentino

Hiimdaisy Professor Layton

Andrew Ryan’s Under the Sea

Layton vs Edgeworth

Layton vs Edgeworth 2

If any of you followers wanna see me do something voice acting-related, shoot me something in my ask box.  I am always looking for new things to do.

I’m working on a new thing at the moment, but until then, I hope you stick around and continue to enjoy my Tumblr!

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