ProZD is Filled with Voices

Foaming Super Hand Soap Commercial

One more for the road.  I didn’t write this (I might’ve maybe improvised my lines a little, maybe, who knows) or have anything to do with it other than acting in it for a short bit and narrating.  My friends Diana and Hunter put this together.

Two Bros, One Uncle

I acted in this one too last year.  Directed by Diana Busby.  The script was a generic one, so the actors, ESPECIALLY ME, decided to improvise.

Babby’s Bites

Wanna see me act more?  OF COURSE YOU DO.  This was written and directed by my good friend Diana Busby.

Pizza Brothers

A short film written by me.  I’m in it too.

Also starring Danny Gianino and Diana Busby.

Edited by Kiersten Latowski

Camerawork: Kiersten Latowski, Diana Busby, Andy Jeglic, Ava Makal