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I’m listening to old episodes of Rob Paulsen’s podcast and Kevin Michael Richardson’s version of Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go is fucking killing me.


I Wanna See Gourdy! (Phoenix Wright Fandub)

Comic’s from the Japanese manual, I believe. 

Maya voiced by Morri

Everyone else voiced by me

from el voice acting tumblr again


The Most Frightening Thing (Phoenix Wright Fandub)

The comic’s from one of the manga releases.  Didn’t draw it, man, only edited it together.

Edgeworth voiced by me

Maya voiced by squigglydigg

from voice acting tumblr


Lackadaisy Massacre Fandub

Why wait another year to do Lackadaisy when I can wait a month instead.  This time, it’s solo Mordecai.

Original comic by Tracy J. Butler

Voiced and edited by me

from el voice acting tumblo


Mustache Edgeworth

crimson-hybrid submitted:

I’m sorry for asking this, ProZD, but since you voice AA characters, can you voice this little comic?

I find it hilarious and I hope you do too. It stemmed from the release of some of Miles’ concept art wherein one of them had a mustache xD


I DO find it hilarious.  If you guys find comics or other stuff like this you’d like me to try, send ‘em my way.

Original comic by viivus

Voices and editing by me

from voice acting tumblr

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Hot diggity damn, that’s almost one for every day of the year. Like I did with the first hundred and posts 101-200, here’s a highlight reel of posts 201-300 (repeat voices aside).

Like what you hear?  If you’re not one of my followers, why not check out where these voice clips came from and give it a follow?  I do requests (which is what pretty much all of these are).

Included (but not specifically in this order): Ace (999), Apollo Justice, Bartholomew Kuma, Big Wins Kitaki, Blathers, Bobbery, Booker, Captain Bubblebeard, Cid Highwind, Clank, Commander Caboodle, Copper, Crabbro, Crazy Redd, Cyrus, Damon Gant, Dick Gumshoe, Dio (VLR), Dr. Shrunk, Dr. Zed, Engineer, Frederick (Fire Emblem), Ganondorf, Garrus Vakarian, Gekko Moriah, General Knoxx, Gerome (Fire Emblem), Goofy, Hannyabal, Jabra, Jean Armstrong, Jean Descole, Jigen, Jinbe, Jiro Sakana, Joseph Joestar, The Judge, Kaku, Kapp’n, Kicks, The King of All Cosmos, KK Slider, Klavier Gavin, Kristoph Gavin, Kuja, Kyle Hyde, Kyouya Ootori, Ladd Russo, Lance (Pokemon), Leif (New Leaf), Lon’qu, Lupin III, Magellan, Marcus Kincaid, Mario, Matt Enguarde, Megumi Kitanji, Mewtwo, Miles Edgeworth, Mr. Resetti, Nightmare Knight, Optimus Prime, Owain, Pete (Animal Crossing), Phoenix Wright, Priam, Professor Layton, Quercus Alba, Redd White, Rob Lucci, Rover (New Leaf), Shanks, Shi Long Lang, Sir Carrot, Sir Tomato, The Sniper, Sogeking, Strong Bad, Tenmyouji, Tohru Adachi, Tom Nook, Tortimer, Travis Touchdown, Tseng, Tuxedo Mask, Walhart, Waluigi, Wario, Whitebeard, Wick, Wocky Kitaki, Yanni Yogi, Yodai Higashizawa, Yomiel, and Zacharie

In case Chrome is messing up audio playback again, this is also on Soundcloud so you can listen there if necessary.

from my voice acting tumblr

done 300 of these posts, baby

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Voice Acting: Kapp’n’s Song - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Okay, I lied.  Here’s one more post before I go, just for you guys.  I was going to queue this for tomorrow, but I figured what the hell.

The beautiful guitar accompaniment is from this dope video.

I adore Kapp’n, and I adore this particular song a whole bunch.

from my voice acting tumblr


one more follower at voice acting tumblr and I hit a cool 900.  It’d be a nice sending off gift before my long-ass Otakon adventure starting tomorrow.

eh? eh? it could be you.



"Frequent Customer" (Phoenix Wright Fandub)

Didn’t make the comic, just edited it together.  It’s from one of the Ace Attorney manga releases, but I don’t know which (if anyone does, lemme know and I’ll edit the post and link to it)

Phoenix and Edgeworth voiced by me

Maya voiced by Morri

Maid voiced by cafechan

Samurai server voiced by neko-zombie